Heat Map

The London Heat Map is an interactive tool that allows users to identify opportunities for decentralised energy projects in London. It builds on the 2005 London Community Heating Development Study. All information has been updated and the map is now in a user friendly format using an interactive GIS system.

The Heat Map provides spatial intelligence on factors relevant to the identification and development of DE opportunities, such as: major energy consumers, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, energy supply plants, community heating networks, and heat density.

It is publicly accessible to anyone with an interest in DE. Local authorities can use the map as the starting point to developing detailed Energy Master Plans to inform DE policies in their LDFs and climate change strategies. Developers can use the map to help them meet London Plan DE policies (connection into an existing network or extending their own communal heating networks beyond their site boundaries).

The London Heat Map will be regularly updated and fully interactive by allowing users to upload and share energy data. It will evolve over time alongside the Decentralised Energy for London programme and become more useful and sophisticated as boroughs and others start inputting real energy data into the map.

The heat mapping exercise has been completed for the London boroughs in March 2012. 29 Heat Map reports and 2 similar studies are available for download.
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